Vancouver Examples - Creative works - Image

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Standard in-text citation examples are in Getting started - In-text citation.

Reference List



Author A. Title [image]. Place of publication: Publisher; Year. Physical description.


Beaver V. How many ways can you slice the market for beverages? [image]. Mason (OH): South Western Cengage Learning; 2012. 1 image, colour, 5 x 10 cm.



Author A. Title of Image [image from the Internet]. Place of publication: Publisher; Year [cited Year Month Day]. Physical description. Available from: http://www.xxxxx


Weston Arnold K. Saint Laurent Spring 2018 [image from the Internet]. [place unknown]: Conde Nast; 2018 [cited 2018 Jan 28]. 1 photograph, colour. Available from:


If no person or organization can be identified as the author, begin the reference with the title of the print or photograph. Do not use "anonymous".

If there is no title then construct a title that describes the image shown and place in square bracket e.g. [Interior view of the ear] [poster]

If there is no place, publisher, or date of publication found use [place, publisher, date unknown] after the type of medium.