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[9] Inventor AA, inventor; Assignee AA, assignee. Title. Patent country patent Country code Patent number. Year Month Day.


Forget A, Vonwil D, Prasad SV, inventors; Forget A, Prasad SV, assignees. Methods for purifying polysaccharides and pharmaceutical compositions and medical devices containing the same. United States patent US 2017/0002099A1. 2017 Jan 5.

Petroff MD, Stapelbroek MG, inventors; Rockwell International Corporation, assignee. Blocked impurity band detectors. United States patent US 4,568,960. 1980 Oct 23.


Patents have two types of authors: inventors and assignees. Assignees, also sometimes referred to as applicants, are the individual/s or organisation/s who hold legal title to the patent.

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