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Example reference list

[1] Kline SM, Floyd MC. Managing Confidential Relationships in Intellectual Property Transactions: Use Restrictions, Residual Knowledge Clauses, and Trade Secrets. Rev Litig [Internet]. 2006 Spring [cited 2018 Jan 17];25(2):311-347. Available from:

[2] Withers R, Casson R, Shrimplin A. Narrowcasting to faculty and students: creating an efficient "research by subject" page. Electron J Acad Spec Librariansh [Internet]. 2005 [cited 2005 Dec 28];6(3): [about 11 p.]. Available from: doi: 10.1172/JCI17645

[3] Nieuwlaat R, Wilczynski N, Navarro T, Hobson N, Jeffery R, Keepanasseril A, Agoritsas T, Mistry N, Iorio A, Jack S, Sivaramalingam B, Iserman E, Mustafa RA, Jedraszewski D, Cotoi C, Haynes RB. Interventions for enhancing medication adherence. In: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews [Internet]. 2014 [cited 2017 Jul 5]. Available from:

[4] AMH Australian Medicines Handbook [Internet]. Adelaide (SA): AMH Australian Medicines Handbook; 2017. Hepatitis B vaccine: [modified 2017 Jan; cited 2017 Apr 10]; [about 4 screens]. Available from:

[5] Murdoch Children's Research Institute, Centre for Community Child Health. Fact Sheet: Reducing the risk of developing food allergy [Internet]. Melbourne (VIC): Murdoch Children's Research Institute. [cited 2018 Jan 24]; [about 1 screen]. Available from:

[6] MIMS Online [Internet]. St Leonards (NSW): MIMS Australia; c2017. Keflex: [revised 2011 Oct 1; cited 2017 Apr 10]; [about 5 screens]. Available from

[7] eTG Complete. Version 2.0.5 [mobile application software]. Melbourne (VIC): Therapeutic Guidelines Ltd.; c2019 Dec. Depression in adults: Pharmacological treatment of depression; [amended 2015 Feb; cited 2019 Dec 18]; [about 9 screens]. Available from: System requirements: iOS 9.0 or later

[8] Australian Bureau of Statistics [Internet]. Belconnen (ACT): Australian Bureau of Statistics. 1968 - . 4430.0, Disability, Ageing and Carers, Australia: Summary of Findings, 2015; [cited 2018 Feb 7]; [about 19 screens]. Available from:

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