Vancouver Examples - Books - Chapter in an edited book

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Standard in-text citation examples are in Getting started - In-text citation.

Reference List


Author AA, Author BB. Title. In: Editor AA, Editor BB, editors. Title of book. Edition. Place of Publication: Publisher; Year. p. #-#.

Example - without edition statement

[3] Hartley J. "Reality" and the plebiscite. In: Riegert K, editor. Politicotainment: television's take on the real. New York: P. Lang; 2007. p. 21-58.

Example - with edition statement

[9] Visich PS, Fletcher E. Myocardial Infarction. In: Ehrman JK, Gordon PM, Visich PS, Keteyian SJ, editors. Clinical exercise physiology. 2nd ed. Champaign (IL): Human Kinetics; c2009. p. 281-301.


Include both the author and title of the book and the author and title of the chapter when they are different.

Editor(s) as author(s)


Editor AA, Editor BB, editors. Title. Place of publication: Publisher; Year. Title of chapter; p. #-#.


[13] Taylor M, Preston J, editor. Intimus: interior design theory reader. New York: Wiley Academy; 2006. Chapter 10, Architecture and interior: a room of one's own; p. 339-44.