Vancouver Examples - Articles - Newspaper

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Standard in-text citation examples are in Getting started - In-text citation.

Reference List



Author AA. Title. Newspaper title (edition). Year Month Day:Sect. A: Page number (column number).


[21] Noack K. Research needed to stem global rise in diabetes. Canberra Times. 1994 Oct 25:Science & Technology: 10 (col.1).



Author AA. Title. Newspaper title (edition) [Internet]. Year Month Day. [cited Year Month Day];Sect: Page number. Available from: htpp://


[9] McDonald N. Electric dreams drive urban power shift. Courier Mail (Brisbane) [Internet]. 2010 Apr 3 [cited 2016 Jun 18];News: 9. Available from:


Newspaper titles are never abbreviated, although a leading "The" may be dropped.

The edition (place of publication) of the newspaper is indicated after the title only if the title does not make it obvious.

If there is no author identified, cite the title information. Do not use "anonymous".

Section information, if present, replaces volume and issue information. Only the beginning page is given and the column location is added.

If no section info is found (e.g. letter, number or section name) end the date information with a colon and the page and column numbers.