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Reference List


DynaMed Plus [Internet]. Place of Publication: Publisher. Year -  . Record No. #, Title of article; [updated Year Month Day; cited Year Month Day]; [# pages/paragraphs/screens]. Available from:


DynaMed Plus [Internet]. Ipswich (MA): EBSCO Information Services. 1995 -  . Record No. 909663, Decongestant toxicity - emergency management; [updated 2017 Apr 27, cited 2017 Nov 13]; [about 4 screens]. Available from


DynaMed Plus articles are individual publications specific to this database. DynaMed Plus publishes the articles within it.

For multiple years of publication, separate the first and last years of publication with a hyphen. Do not shorten the second of the two years to the last two digits. (e.g. 2002 - 2003).

If there is a single year of publication, end with a hyphen (e.g. 2002 - .)