Vancouver Examples - Articles - Drug database

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Reference List


Title of database [Internet]. Place of publication: Publisher/Website; Year. Name of drug/condition: [revised Year Month Day; cited Year Month Day]; [# pages/paragraphs/screens]. Available from:

Example - MIMS Drug Database

MIMS Online [Internet]. St Leonards (NSW): MIMS Australia; c2017. Keflex: [revised 2011 Oct 1; cited 2017 Apr 10]; [about 5 screens]. Available from

Example - AMH (Australian Medicines Handbook) Online

AMH Australian Medicines Handbook [Internet]. Adelaide (SA): AMH Australian Medicines Handbook; 2017. Hepatitis B vaccine: [modified 2017 Jan; cited 2017 Apr 10]; [about 4 screens]. Available from:


Use this template for references from eTG Complete (Therapeutic Guidelines) and AusDI Drug Information.

Include dates that show the content of a database has changed (use updated, modified, revised or reviewed). Include this in chronological order before the cited date.