AGLC Examples - Getting started with AGLC - Footnotes

See this example properly formatted in the QUT Cite tool.

Footnote style/format

The Law School requires that citations be consecutively numbered footnotes at the bottom of each page.

Footnote numbers should be placed after the punctuation in the text:

Separate multiple sources cited in a single footnote with a semicolon:

Use a full stop at the end of every footnote.

Subsequent References

Short Titles

Significant change has been made to subsequent references AGLC4 rule 1.4.1:

When citing a source that has been previously cited, a shortened form of the citation may be provided with a cross reference in parenthesis to the footnote number in which the citation may be found in full.

Short titles can be used all for subsequent citations in footnotes other than the immediate preceding footnote. The first citation of a source in a footnote should always be given in full, but a short title may be used at the end of the initial citation.

See AGLC4 1.4.1.

For cases, legislation and books the ('Short Title') should be italicised according to AGLC4, see rule 1.4.4.

For most secondary sources the Author Surname can be used as the shorten form of the citation:

For secondary sources authored by a body or where there is no author or editor it may be more helpful to use a short title instead of the author's surname.

'Ibid' should be used to refer to the source cited in the footnote immediately preceding. If there are multiple sources in the preceding footnote then 'ibid' should not be used. See AGLC4 rule 1.4.3.


These decisions were Pape v Federal Commissioner of Taxation ('Pape')1 and…