AGLC Examples - Cases - Reported judgment

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Donoghue v Stevenson [1932] AC 562


See General Rules Part 1: AGLC4 1.1-1.13.

For further details re citing cases see AGLC4 Rules 2.1-2.2.

Cite the party names as they appear on the first page of the decision in italics. Use only the surname for individuals.

Law Reports organised by volume the year should appear in "( )". For Law Reports organised by year the relevant year should appear in "[ ]".

The authorised version of the report should always be used where available (see list in AGLC4 Rule 2.2.3). Otherwise follow the preference order (see list in AGLC4 Rule 2.2.2).

The first page of the case should appear after the abbreviated form of the report series. Multiple case citations within one footnote should be separated with a semi-colon. 'Ibid' should be used for a single source in the immediately preceding footnote.

Pinpoint references should be preceded by a comma and a space after the starting page. Separate multiple pinpoints with a comma. Where a report has both page numbers and paragraph numbers, then paragraph numbers may be included in addition in '[ ]'.