Harvard Examples - Creative works - Performance and programme

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Reference List

Performance programme


Title. Year. Place of Publication: Name of organisation. Format.


Australian Ballet Swan Lake. 2013. Brisbane: The Australian Ballet and QPAC. Performance programme.

Desh. 2014. Brisbane: Brisbane Festival, Philip Bacon Galleries and Queensland Performing Arts Centre. Performance program.


Performance programmes seldom have an identifiable author. Instead, the title is used to identify the programme in the reference list.

The place of publication is the location of the premises of the main Presenter.

A format statement of 'Performance program' is added to the end of the reference. Either English [programme] or American [program] spelling is acceptable.


Live performances, unlike recordings, cannot be consulted as such by readers. For that reason, it is sufficient to mention details in the text rather than in a bibliography. In addition to specifying the name and location of the venue and the date of the performance, include as much information in text as needed to identify the performance such as:

Related format types: