Harvard Examples - Government and corporate documents - Corporate/government report

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Reference List


Author. Year. Title. http://www.xxxxxx.


Australian Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. 2017. Closing the gap: Prime Minister's report 2017. http://closingthegap.pmc.gov.au/sites/default/files/ctg-report-2017.pdf.

Strang, Heather. 2001. Restorative justice programs in Australia: A report to the Criminology Research Council. http://www.criminologyresearchcouncil.gov.au/reports/strang/report.pdf.

Myer. 2017. Annual report. http://investor.myer.com.au/FormBuilder/_Resource/_module/ dGngnzELxUikQxL5gb1cgA/file/Myer_Annual_Report_2017.pdf.


Pamphlets, corporate reports, brochures, and other freestanding publications are treated essentially as books.

See also Industry report.