Harvard Examples - How to use this app

See this example properly formatted in the QUT Cite tool.

To understand the basics of the style and the author date system, read What is Harvard?.

To find out how to use in-text citation, go to In-text citation.

For information on how to lay out the reference section in your work, see Reference list.

Use the 'Back' button below a sub menu appearing on the left to return to the start of the style.

To find out how to craft a reference for a particular source:

  1. select an option from the menu on the left, according to the general type of work you are referencing
  2. select an option from the right, according to the sub type or situation that is most applicable
  3. check the templates, which will tell you which elements of information you will need for a reference, and in what order they should appear
  4. look for examples to see what the reference could look like with real information, and with the appropriate formatting and punctuation
  5. read any notes, that provide explanatory information, tips and referring links.

For more detailed questions and further information, refer to the magenta buttons below: