Harvard Examples - Maps/diagrams etc. - Figure

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Insert a figure as soon as possible after the first text reference to it. Underneath, identify the figure with a number, and a title or descriptive caption, followed by the citation information, which points to the full reference in the Reference list. The format of the citation information follows the basic template. For clear communication a lead-in sentence and/or a lead-out sentence may help.


… and as is shown below (figure 1), the prevalence of the types of traffic offences varies.

Figure 1
Figure 1: Types of traffic offences (based on Gouldstone 2016, 12; Chieh-shih 2017, 15).

It is clear from figure 1 that offence type E is not as common as has been presumed.


If the figure is adapted or based on a multiple data sources, indicate that this is the case by adding extra phrasing and connect multiple author-year statements with a semi colon.

Figures are numbered in the order in which they appear in the text.

What the end reference will look like will depend on what the source is from which the figure or the data for the figure came from.

See also the Chicago Manual of Style Online - 3: Illustrations and Tables: