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Reference List

Informal online paper


Author. Year. "Title of paper." Paper presented at Conference Title, location, Month Day, Year. http://www.xxxxxxx.


Hulls, Rob. 2013. "Adversarial justice: Pure gold or fool's gold?" Paper presented at Broadening Restorative Perspectives: An International Conference, Melbourne, June 18, 2013. https://www.varj.asn.au/papers/Adversarial%20Justice,%20Pure%20Gold%20Hulls.pdf.


Conference paper published in a journal? Use the examples for Articles - Print and Articles - Electronic.

Paper in print Proceedings


Author. Year. "Title of paper." In Title of Proceedings, location, Month Day, Year, edited by Editor, Pages. Place of publication: Publisher.


Lewis, Donald E. 2016. "The allocative efficiency of the Australian health care system." In Economics and Health: Proceedings of the 22nd Australian Conference of Health Economists, Sydney, New South Wales, August 12, 2016, edited by John Bridges, 213-223. Sydney: School of Health Services Management, University of New South Wales.


Papers published in Proceedings are cited similarly to a chapter in an edited book.

Location and date: Not all information is always available. Include as much detail as possible.