APA Examples - Creative works - Television program

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Standard in-text citation examples are in Getting started - In-text citation.

If citing a particular section include the timestamp of the beginning of quote, e.g. (Atherden, 1986, 3:22).

Reference List



Author, A. A. (Role), Author, A. A. (Role), & Author, A. A. (Role). (Date of Broadcast). Episode title (Season No., Episode No.) [Description]. In A. A. Producer (Executive Producer), Program title. Network, Studio, or Distributor.


Lui, N. (Writer), Oliver, S. (Writer), Stewart, B. (Writer), Bell, J. (Writer), Wymarra, E. (Writer), Cole, B. (Director), & Anderson, C. (Director). (2014, November 26). Episode 4 (Season 1, Episode 4) [TV Series episode]. In S. Riley (Executive Producer), Black comedy. Scarlett Pictures; Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Newby, J. (Presenter & Producer). (2013, December 1). Don't panic: Surviving extremes [TV Series Episode]. In A. Laverty (Executive Producer), Catalyst. ABC Television.

Television series


Producer, P.P. (Executive Producer). (Year or Years aired). Series title [Description]. Network, Studio, or Distributor.


Gilligan, V., & Johnson, M. (Executive Producers). (2008-2013). Breaking bad [Television series]. Sony Pictures.


If the series is still airing, replace the second year with the word "present".

For Youtube and similar go to Internet sources - Streamed media (e.g. YouTube).