APA Examples - Creative works - Sound recording

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(Fleet Foxes, 2008)

(Mahler, 1895/2006)

Use only the first or most significant contributor in your in-text citation.

If the work is classical, include the original publication and the actual publication year.

Reference list

Classical Album


Composer, C. (Publication year). Title of album [Album recorded by Recording Artist]. Label. (Original work published yyyy)


Mahler, G. (2006). Symphony no. 2 in C minor [Album recorded by Budapest Festival Orchestra]. Channel Classic Records. (Original work published 1895)

Modern Album


Artists, A. (Publication year). Title of album [Album]. Label.


Fleet Foxes. (2008). Fleet Foxes. London Bridge Studio.

Kazoomzoom (Ed.). (n.d.). Frog legs: Ragtime era favorites. https://archive.org/details/kzz003

The second example has a group/corporate author. For more information about authors see the Authors button below.

Individual track

Template: Classical

Artist, A. (Publication year). Title of song [Recorded by B. B. Artist]. On Title of album. Label. (Original work published Year)

Template: Modern Music

Artist, A. (Publication year). Title of song. On Title of album. Label.


Seville, D. & The Chipmunks. (2002). The chipmunk song. On Christmas with the Chipmunks. Capitol Records.


It is not usually necessary to specify how you heard an album or track (e.g. CD, radio, Spotify). However the format may be included if you need to specify the version you used.

Only include a URL if that location is the only means of retrieval.

Date of recording is only required if different from Copyright year.

For downloaded media go to Internet sources - Downloaded media (e.g. Podcasts, iTunes).