APA Examples - Creative works - Image

See this example properly formatted in the QUT Cite tool.


If you are just discussing an image you can use standard in-text citation examples as in Getting started - In-text citation.


Photographer's photo… (Book author, year, p. xx)


Jim Kay's illustrations are… (Rowling, 2015, p. 173)

If you are including the image, or part of it, in your work, you may need to number, title and caption it or provide a list of figures. Check your assessment guidelines to see what is required. You can use or adapt the versions below.


Figure #
Note. From/Adapted from "Title" by A. A. Author, Year, Title of Journal, Volume(issue), p. xx (https://xxxxx)

The template is for an image from a journal article. Adapt this for the source of your image.


Figure 1
[Eggs with Open Access stickers]
Figure 1
Note. From Wellcome is going to review its open access policy by Wellcome, 2018 (https://wellcome.org/news/wellcome-going-review-its-open-access-policy)

Reference list

Image in Another Source


Author, A. A. (Year). Title of source. Publisher.


Rowling, J. K. (2015). Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone. Bloomsbury.

For images in a book, journal article, etc., reference the source.

Online image


Author, A. A. (Year). Title of image [Format]. Source. http://xxxxxxxx


James, E. (2018). Dion Lee Spring 2018 [Photograph]. Vogue. https://www.vogue.com/article/spring-2018-trend-bike-shorts


If no attribution directly on image, assume author of source material is the author.

The reference list refers to the entire article/chapter/book, rather than the figure itself. Use the relevant format for the source.

If an image does not have a title, use a description in square brackets instead.

For images of a factual nature, use Maps/diagrams etc. - Figure.

If you have seen the original artwork use Creative works - Artwork.