APA Examples - Creative works - Film

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Babakiueria tackles double standards by a directorial approach which... (Featherstone, 1986)

If citing a particular section include the timestamp of the beginning of quote, e.g. (Featherstone, 1986, 3:22).

Reference list


Director, D.D. (Director). (Year). Title [Description]. Production Company.


De Broca, P. (Director). (1966). Le Roi de cœur [King of hearts] [Film]. Fildebroc.

Featherstone, D. (Director). (1986). Babakiueria [Film, extended ed. on DVD]. Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Granik, D (Director). (2010). Winter's bone [Film]. Anonymous Content.

The director should be credited as the author of a film. If the director is unknown, provide the name (and role in brackets) of someone in a similar role.

You do not need to specify how you watched a film (cinema, DVD, streaming) unless the version you watched included content not available in the other versions. In this case include the medium after the description.

For YouTube and other streaming video that is unique to that source Internet sources - Streamed media (e.g. YouTube).