APA Examples - Internet sources - Downloaded media (e.g. Podcasts, iTunes)

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Standard in-text citation examples are in Getting started - In-text citation.

If citing a particular section include the timestamp of the beginning of quote, e.g. (Crabb & Sales, 2018, 15:22).

Reference List

Podcast episode


Name, A. A. (Role). (Year, Month DD). Title of episode/track (No. x) [Format]. In/On Title of podcast/album. Production Company. http://www.xxxxxxxx


Crabb, A., & Sales, L. (Hosts). (2018, November 5). Blowing the bloody doors off (No. 94) [Audio podcast episode]. In Chat 10 looks 3. https://www.chat10looks3.com/podcast/ep94

Item downloaded from iTunes etc.

See Sound recording.


List the host of the episode as the author.

If a podcast does not have a URL (e.g. you accessed it through an app), omit it.