APA Examples - Maps/diagrams etc. - Figure

See this example properly formatted in the QUT Cite tool.


If you are discussing a figure you can use standard in-text citation examples as in Getting started - In-text citation.

If you are reproducing all, or a section of, a figure, or crating a figure based on someone else's work, you must reference the original author and copyright holder. Provide this information below the figure.


Figure #
Note. From/Adapted from "Title" by A. A. Author, Year, Title of Journal, Volume(issue), p. xx (https://xxxxx)

The template is for a figure from a journal article. Adapt this for the source of your figure.


Figure 1
[Build your own reference]
Figure 1
Note. From QUT cite|write by QUT Library, 2018, p.10 (https://www.citewrite.qut.edu.au/assets/docs/qutcitewrite2018.pdf)

Figure 2
Postgraduate students' ability to write academically
Figure 2
Note. From "Why do postgraduate students commit plagiarism? An empirical study" by A. Selemani, W. D. Chawinga, and G. Dube, 2018, International Journal for Educational Integrity, 14, Article 7 (https://doi.org/10.1007/s40979-018-0029-6).

Reference List

Provide a reference list entry for the source of the figure (i.e. the article/chapter/book), not the figure itself.


Author, A. A. (Year). Title of article. Title of Journal, Volume(issue), Pages. https://doi.org/xx.xxx.xxxx.xxxxx


Duce, K., & Gouldstone, A. (2006). A practical guide to carrying out skin-prick allergy testing. Nursing Times, 102(48), 28-29.

Selemani, A., Chawinga, W.D. & Dube, G. (2018). Why do postgraduate students commit plagiarism? An empirical study. International Journal for Educational Integrity, 14, Article 7 https://doi.org/10.1007/s40979-018-0029-6


If there is no attribution directly on the figure, assume author of source material is the author of the figure.

If a figure does not have a title, use a description in square brackets instead.

The reference list refers to the entire article/chapter/book, rather than the figure itself. Use the relevant format for the source.

For creative images, use Creative works - Image.