APA Examples - Data - Table

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Any reproduced figure must reference the original author and copyright holder. Provide this information below the table.


From/Adapted from "Title" by A. A. Author, Year, Title of Journal, Volume(issue), p. xx.


Adapted from "Coronary artery stents: Identification and evaluation," by J. Butany, K. Carmichael, and S. W. Leong, 2005, Journal of Clinical Pathology, 58, p. 796.

Reference List


Author, A. A. (Year). Title of article. Title of Journal, Volume(issue), Pages.


Butany, J., Carmichael, K., & Leong, S. W. (2005). Coronary artery stents: Identification and evaluation. Journal of Clinical Pathology, 58, 795-804.


Use this format if you are reproducing or adapting a published table.

The reference list refers to the entire article/chapter/book, rather than the table itself. Use the relevant format for the source.

You can adapt it for tables from books or other sources.