Academic integrity

Some study hacks for academic integrity

When you study at university, you need to approach your work honestly. This means to give credit where it is due and acknowledging the contributions of others to your own intellectual efforts, be they world famous experts, your teachers or fellow students.

What is academic integrity at QUT?

It is important that you are honest in your academic work and understand what it means to have academic integrity at QUT. In this way you will work towards the advantages that a QUT qualification offers in a way that is fair and equitable to your teachers and fellow students.

What if you are accused of academic misconduct?

Academic misconduct means seeking unfair advantage by cheating, not acknowledging other people’s work or dishonest practices. Understand what happens if you are accused of academic misconduct and the potential consequences of your actions.

How can I avoid plagiarism?

Not knowing the difference between the right and wrong way to undertake your studies isn’t a valid excuse. Learn how you can avoid plagiarism so that you don’t accidentally do the wrong thing!

All content (not just written) has certain rules about its usage and reproduction. Understand what content you can use and how you can properly use and attribute different kinds of content in your assignments.