Changes to QUT cite|write

Site and style amendments

February 2022

  • Vancouver revised to be compliant with AMA11.

April 2021

  • Restructure and new content for Write section.

February 2021

  • General overview of academic referencing and citing moved from the booklet to a new tab in the cite tool.
  • Minor edits to styles.

February 2020

  • APA updated and edited to be compliant with APA7.
  • Minor edits for other styles.

July 2019

  • Name change from Legal to AGLC.

February 2018

  • Name change from Numbered to Vancouver.
  • Drop ‘QUT’ from the names of styles - now just APA, Harvard, Legal and Vancouver.
  • Addition of a template to each example, to clarify the meaning of the example.
  • Expanded the getting started section.
  • More explanatory notes and hyperlinks.
  • Restructure and rename the example groups.
  • Increase number of examples.
  • Increase visibility of help buttons and improve content.
  • The QUT cite|write booklet is no longer being printed but will still be available as a pdf from the site. Edited to reflect changes above.

February 2017

  • Addition of a new section on copyright - in both the booklet and the website.

February 2016

  • Redevelopment of academic honesty section: terminology change from academic integrity, modified content, additional resources and focus on student-centred language.
  • Minor formatting adjustments to the booklet.
  • Introduction of basic principles into the QUT cite tool
  • Look and feel changes to website.

February 2014

  • Inclusion of social media examples.
  • Removal of Message Board examples.

February 2011

Style 2011 changes reflect all amendments in Inclusion of Digital Object Identifier (DOI) Changes to format of publisher/location Changes to format of multiple authors
QUT APA American Psychological Association, APA 6th yes yes yes
QUT Harvard University of Chicago, Chicago Manual of Style (CMoS) 16th yes yes yes
QUT Numbered U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM), last update Oct 2009 yes    

Booklet editions